Custom Development

Spend your time on the essential

We offer custom made software solutions, and our experience is extensive. Our expertize covers planning, management, development, testing, implementation and deployment. We are dedicated to the overall project, planning as well as the technical details. All solutions delivered by KLONK will be of high quality and our aim is to exceed both performance and delivery expectations.

Health Balance

Track your vitals

When you’re living with a health condition, tracking your numbers and medications is an unavoidable part of each day. Living with a chronic condition like diabetes, asthma, or high blood pressure requires constant vigilance. Health Balance can help take some of the pressure off by making it easy to  track and manage your condition. If you use a device to record numbers related to your condition, Monolith can help you track your measurements and medication: Blood Pressure, Glucose, Weight, INR, Insulin, and Weight scales are just part of the growing list. It's so much easier to keep your healthcare provider informed when you have timely readings that they can watch. Health Balance can be deployed on android, iphone and chrome.

Image MeasurementFREE DOWNLOAD

Size matters

KLONK Image Measurement is a software product that simply and quickly helps you to measure areas, perimeters and lengths of selected surfaces in your images. KLONK Image Measurement provides accurate and time saving measurements for your analysis. User friendly tools help you to organize your images and results of measurements efficiently. You get a complete overview of your results directly in the program and may at any time generate various statistical reports for publication. The Image Measurement tool is developed to be used within the Healthcare industry, but has been adopted by many other industries. The majority of the users are researchers and practitioners in the healthcare industry, Biologists, Engineers, Architects and Hobbyists have found the functionality and quality of our product appealing. Visit for more information and a free trial.

Pain Survey

Cure what you can measure

Our Pain Treatment Survey platform is a work in progress, a development project which is in the initial phase. We expect to release this project within the next year. The project is a collaboration between KLONK and leading pain experts from Sweden, Denmark and Norway, which will result in the development of a digital Pain Treatment Survey Platform. These experts will include Healthcare practitioners and researchers, with the aim of establishing the demands for the platform to optimized for both clinical and research purposes.